5 Tips to Write the Perfect Speech as the Best Man at a Wedding

Being chosen as the best man for your friend’s wedding is an honor. However, with great honor comes great responsibility, and one of your biggest responsibilities is giving the perfect speech. Speaking in front of a room full of people can be intimidating, but with these five tips, you’ll be able to give a speech that will be remembered for all the right reasons.

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1. Start Strong:

The beginning of your speech should grab the attention of the audience. You can start with a perfect ice-breaker, an amusing anecdote, or memorably introduce yourself. The first 30 seconds are critical to drawing in the audience, so make sure to start strong.

2. Keep it Concise:

It’s important to keep your speech short and sweet. Ideally, a 5-7 minute speech is appropriate. If you go on for too long, people will lose interest, and your message may get lost. Stick to the vital points, and if there’s something you want to say, use a quote or a joke to express it concisely.

3. Personal Touch:

The best speeches come from the heart. Share a personal story or anecdote about you and the groom that reflects the depth of your friendship. You can also include a few heartfelt words for the bride or discuss how the couple complements each other. But, be careful not to be too sappy or cheesy.

4. Practice Makes Perfect:

Practice your speech out loud multiple times before the big day. Read it in front of a mirror or front of friends, and take note of the areas where you may stumble. Rehearsing will help you to prepare for possible hiccups, such as forgetting or stumbling over your words. Practice will also help you improve the speech’s rhythm and structure.

5. Finishing Strong:

Just like the beginning, the end of your speech is equally important. Don’t fall into cliches like “I love you guys” or “let’s raise a toast.” You can personalize your ending by using a quote highlighting the couple’s relationship or an appropriate joke. Finish with heartfelt congratulations and a warm wish for the couple’s future together.


Being the best man at a wedding is a great responsibility, but it’s also a great opportunity to honor the groom and celebrate his big day. Your speech plays a crucial role in the ceremony, and with these five tips, you’ll be able to give a memorable speech. Start strong, keep it concise, add a personal touch, practice, and finish strong – these tips will help you to write the perfect speech as the best man at a wedding. Good luck!



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